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past work and what people have to say about it

"Sandra is super thoughtful, talented and an amazing designer, who has a beautiful way of bringing your soul into your brand. The branding she created for me is so much better, clearer and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I loved how during the process, I felt very heard and any feedback that I gave, she took on board. I now have my new brand created, and it only took a couple of weeks but nothing felt rushed. I will totally recommend Sandra to all my biz besties in the future!"

- Pirita Hilton


"Sandra did an incredible job of taking my brand and my vision and creating a sales page that represented me in such an authentic way!! It was my first time having a sales page designed and Sandra was so patient with me and made the process simple and straightforward. Everything that I had envisioned for my sales page came to life and was way better than I ever imagined. Not only that but she went above and beyond and created an incredible link page and even a GIF to use on instagram. You can tell that she puts her heart and soul into the work she does. You won't be disappointed booking with Sandra!!"

- Ellyce Fulmore


"I want to say THANK YOU, SANDRA, one more time! It was amazing choice to have help from you, to work with you. It’s unbelievable how sometimes two different people can feel each other that good and in correct way, sometimes even almost without any words. I am really happy that we worked together to make a clear vision for our studio, to recognize our real values and get more confident in the business world."

- Ieva Prasciunaite


"I had the privilege of working with Sandra for my website design and it was such an amazing experience! I was blown away with the outcome of my website and couldn't believe that Sandra was able to capture my brand and personality so well with the little information I gave her. My website is so beautiful and I'm so happy that Sandra was the one who created it." 

- Shiva Alromeshi


Playful & fun, Minimal & Modern, Bold & Fierce, Elegant & luxurious, Feminine & Gentle

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