I don’t let personality types to define me, but I’m low-key obsessed with them because they’ve helped me to accept myself the way I am and realize all different traits can coexist together.

I’m a huge introvert who has a very hard time opening up to others but is the best listener and support team (looking at you, fellow INFJs)  but who can sometimes feel wild, crazy and on fire (my Leo side shinin’ through). Inspiration and lots of chill time is the perfect recipe for my designs (the generator part of me), I need to feel accomplished, admired and accepted (yes I’m an enneagram 3w2).

more about me

But before I spill more tea, let me introduce myself


The ability to see into people’s souls & their unconsciousness and create the most aligned designs & strategies for their brand & business.

I'm known for

Personality tests & astrology that help me find myself and create electrified designs. 

I love



About pages that focus only on selling services, like seriously Karen, this is my time to shine!

I don't love


When I was a teenager I secretly dreamed about pursuing a designer's career, but I thought I could never be a good designer because I can't draw.

crazy fact

*talk about having a fixed mindset and rooted limiting beliefs*

tell me more

I've seen this transformation happening too many times, so I know it is possible for anyone, and that's why I'm so passionate about helping business owners craft authentic brands.

create a strategy that resonates with you so you don't have to follow "industry STANDARDS".

figure out your true and authentic side, what it is you want and how are you going to make it happen.

Stop comparing yourself to others and their success.


If you're into manifestation, you know to attract something you desire, you have to take inspired action towards it - that's when the Universe knows how serious you are and can start working behind the sense to bring it into your reality. For me, that action has been getting clear on what kind of brand I want to create and shift my messaging based on it.

Now back to the secret - how am I able to manifest dream clients through branding?

But that's not the only power of branding, because it can also help you to:

Let's work together!

ready to impress?

When your soul aligns with authentic online presence, the chances to reach and impress your ideal clients are much higher.

I feel the most inspired and spicy when I work with business owners who are on a mission to change the world. Psst, I see you all excited to help others but not getting as much attention as you would like.

Sipping coffee curled up on the couch designing something, dreaming up ways to grow my business or nostalgically reminiscing about all the amazing women I’ve met owning my own business.


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