I'm obsessed with coffee and cats, do you need to know more?

About pages that focus only on selling services, like seriously Karen, this is my time to shine!

I don't love

Personality tests & astrology that help me find myself and create electrified designs. 

I love

The ability to see into people’s souls & their unconsciousness and create the most aligned designs & strategies for their brand & business.

I'm known for

I'm Sandra and I'd love to become friends!

just kidding

I’m a huge introvert who has a very hard time opening up to others but is the best listener and support team (looking at you, fellow INFJs)  but who can sometimes feel wild, crazy and on fire (my Leo side shinin’ through). Inspiration and lots of chill time is the perfect recipe for my designs (the generator part of me), I need to feel accomplished, admired and accepted (yes I’m an enneagram 3w2).

I don’t let personality types to define me, but I’m low-key obsessed with them because they’ve helped me to accept myself the way I am and realize that all traits are normal and a part of me. 

about me

My interests include music, memes, justice, animals, shapes and feelings.

How did I get here?

2015 June I moved to Iceland after graduating high school in Lithuania with a plan to take one gap year and then apply to the University in Iceland. But there was a problem - I had no idea what I wanted to study or do in my life. 2016 took another gap year.

2015 - 2016

2017 - 2018

2017 realized that I want to start an online business, but the same problem followed me - I had no idea what I wanted to do. So I tried two things - dropshipping and influencing (this gives me a big cringe every time I think about it - no offense to influencers). Late 2018 came across Virtual Assistance and thought “this is it”. Took a bunch of courses, yet still - had no idea what exactly I wanted to do as a VA. Marketing? Social Media maybe? Design? “Oh but wait, I’m no good at design” I thought to myself, so I sticked with Marketing and Social Media for a few months (side note - I signed 0 clients). 

2019. Still taking bunch of courses. Felt like a career rock bottom because I’ve tried so many different things, but nothing lifted me up. Nothing inspired me for more than a month. Decided to invest in private coaching that literally changed my life - through the power of coaching I realized that design is my passion and I have TONS of limiting beliefs around it that need to be changed ASAP.


2020 January launched my web design business, had no one interested in working with me. Felt like a complete failure and wanted to quit. But I couldn't just give up so I did a lot of mindset work, and dipped my toes into manifestation. A month later signed 2 freaking clients that were an absolute dream. Working with them inspired the shit out of me and made me see what my dream life can look like. Mid 2020 quit my day job and was so proud of calling myself a full-time business owner. Now I'm focusing on serving my amazing clients and growing my business. <3

celebrating Last Day at school

Enjoying Life in Iceland

logo for my dropshipping business (canva templates ftw)

Influencing the watch I had to buy myself (got 60% off tho)

First branding for a client

Last call with my first coach Jess <3

Also, Traveled to malta

2020 - 2021

Celebrating Quitting my job

Moral of my story

Starting anything in life is not easy. At least not for the most of us. Sometimes it takes many years of error and trial which I see as a process of finding yourself. Don’t get discouraged when you see Sarah crushing her business 3 months after starting it. Find that grit and perseverance in yourself and keep moving until you’ve reached your goals. You know you have that electric power in yourself to keep you going.

*best motivational speech ever lol*

Sipping coffee curled up on the couch designing something, dreaming up ways to grow my business or nostalgically reminiscing about all the amazing women I’ve met owning my own business.



I feel the most inspired and spicy when I work with powerhouse women who are on a mission to change the world. Psst, I see you all excited to help others but not getting as much attention as you would like.

When your message aligns with authentic online presence, the chances to reach and impress your ideal clients are much higher.

Let's work together!

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