puting less effort into attracting new people

forming aN instant connection with your dream client

owning your brand without comparing yourself to others

snakes represent transformation and change

To me, authenticity is doing everything in life and business as your heart and soul dictates. It’s learning to listen to that feeling and not being afraid to express it without worrying about anything else. When you do it with genuine intention, there's no way to get it wrong. That's why my goal is to help you draw it out, analyze it and create magic with it.

Intentional brand = authentic brand = your soul

The benefits:

finding new love and EXCITEMENT for your business

I dream of that

Intentional brand
authentic brand
your soul










Spice x Soul is...

I’ve always been into everything that's aesthetically pleasing, and I've always had the need to analyze the connection between the visuals and feelings, and the emotions it awakens. For example, I’ve always had a thing for renaissance and baroque architecture and I’ve found that it’s because perfect geometrical shapes give me a sense of security and stability, and unique ornaments and sculptures give me a sense of freedom and creativity. It's a mix of two different concepts (aka duality) which is why I'm so fascinated by it. After many errors and trials in finding my career path, I’ve realized that brand building is perfect for me because it’s a mix of strategy, emotions and design. 

why I'm so into this

throwing in some me facts

Pretending to be someone you're not,  and anything that feels pushy, forced or fake: for example random people sliding into DMs with messages like "hEy gIrL, wHaT gOt YoU iNtO tHiS bUsInEsS?" *eye roll; vomit*, or mimicking someone else's energy, strategies and ideas.

i can't stand


Anything  related to self-development, spirituality and consciousness expanding. Personality types & astrology that help me find and accept every part of myself. Also genuine and simple human connection, duality, polarity, justice, animals, music, memes, shapes & feelings.

i love



The ability to see into people’s souls & their unconsciousness and create the most aligned designs & strategies for their brand. (my Leo Sun, Cancer Moon & Virgo Mercury is a good combo for that, if you're into astrology too ;p)

I'm known for

ready to impress?

When your soul aligns with authentic online presence, the chances to reach and impress your ideal clients are much higher.

I feel the most inspired and spicy when I work with business owners who are on a mission to change the world. Psst, I see you all excited to help others but not getting as much attention as you would like.

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© 2022 Spice x Soul ehf.  |  Photos by Justina Skorupskaite | Legal